Solutions For 5.1 High Definition 6 Channel Audio Codecs



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    Product Features

    The 92HD73C codec is definitely an optimized codec with low power consumption and high fidelity.
    6 Channel Intel High Compatible Codec
    Definition of an audio interface (HD). Specific codec 92HD73C
    offers 24-bit stereo resolution with samples for up to
    192 kHz. Dual SPDIF offers consumer connectivity
    electronics to compatible devices m with WLP. 92HD73C
    offers high quality HD audio features for multimedia
    Applications for laptop and laptop or PC. 6

    â € channels (3 radio DACs and 2 stereo ADCs) with 24-bit resolution
    â € Supports 5.1 Sound
    • Compatible with Microsoft WLP Premium 3/4 logo as defined in WLP 3.09
    â € Optimized and flexible administration service with fewer pop-ups / clicks
    • Independent S / PDIF output converters to support WLP HDMI / SPDIF.
    • Supports 1.5 V and 3.3 V HDA signals with selectable delay
    â € Consulting on digital microphones (mono, stereo, quad or array)
    â € 4 flexible VREF output pins for micro-ordered biasing
    â € High Performance Analog Mixer
    â € 9 2-Channel Analog Audio Ports with Presence Detection
    â € Two-pin volume control
    â € Digital and therefore analog PC beeps on most outputs
    â € Built-in headphone amplifiers (3)
    â € Examples of interest rates up to 192 kHz
    â € Analog Source OptionsNika power supply +3.3 V, +4 V, +4.75 V and +5 V
    â €

    The 92HD73 audio codec is also available in direct version 8 or 10.
    Please contact us for more information.

    High Definition Audio, also known as HD Audio, is an audio standard created by Intel and used in its chipsets; H. This is the standard for high quality car audio. HD Audio was supposed to replace the Codec 97 (AC’97) standard, Intel analog and camera partitions released before 1997, and increase the maximum playback sampling rate to 72 kHz for MP3 compatibility for DVD video. With the development of DVD movies encoded with Dolby Digital and DTS multichannel models, consumers are accustomed to paying attention to full surround sound from six to eight speakers. AC’97 technology struggles to keep up with advances. After AC’97 v2.3 Intel finally switched to the HD.HD audio standard

    Intel Audio offers huge improvements over the previous generation of built-in ringtones and sound cards. Intel HD Audio – uhThis is equipment capable of providing native support and audio quality for eight channels at 192 kHz / 32-bit quality, while the AC’97 specification can actually only support six channels at 48 kHz / 20 bits. HD Audio is also tuned to avoid accidental crashes or other noise that can occur in audio solutions by providing specific system information for critical audio functions. All Intel school bus PCI Express chipsets, such as the 955x, 945g, and 945p Express chipsets, are designed to support high definition audio. The HD audio standard allows multi-streaming, that is, allows candidates to play two other audio tracks simultaneously.


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  • 1. Download Fortect
  • 2. Follow the on-screen instructions to run a scan
  • 3. Restart your computer and wait for it to finish running the scan, then follow the on-screen instructions again to remove any viruses found by scanning your computer with Fortect

  • Also, the enhanced Intel HD Audio standard enables voice suppression with massive microphones, providing users with a more accurate voice source. While other audio implementations have simple controllable support for matrix microphones, HD audio supports larger matrix microphones. It also supports socket reconfiguration, hThis allows all computers to configure a specific socket according to the connected device. For example, if a speaker has always been connected to the microphone jack, the host computer will simply reconfigure the jack to act as a speaker jack.

    Intel also worked with Dolby Laboratories to create three “levels” of PC audio with HD audio:

    1. Dolby Sound Room: This room is for beginners and supports 5.1 channel 2-channel audio with only 2 speakers. It has a reliable Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) of at least 75dB. Home
    2. Dolby Theater: It is definitely aimed at mid-sized users and delivers 5.1 to 6 channels of sound with an absolute S / N ratio of at least DB.
    3. Dolby 85 Master Studio: Designed for high end users only, and works with 7.1-8ch audio with a SNR of at least 95. This will also support wireless LAN music streaming.

    5.1 Environment (“five points one”) is a commonly accepted trademark for surround sound systems. 5.1 is the sequence most commonly used inhome theaters. [1] It uses the entire bandwidth and channel structure of the LFE (“point one”) channel. [2] Dolby Digital, Dolby Logic pro II, DTS, SDDS and THX are 5.1 systems for everyday use. 5.1 is an overly standard surround sound component including digital broadcasting and music. [3]

    5.1 high definition 6 channel audio codec

    All 5.1 approaches use the same speaker channels in addition to setup: one with front left upper right, a center channel, two more channels (left and right), and a LFE channel dedicated to the subwoofer.


    A prototype of 5-channel surround interference, then known as “quintaphone sound”, was used in the 1975 movie Tommy. [4]

    5.1 dates back to 1976, [5] , when Dolby Labs changed the track usage for each of our six analog magnetic audio tracks on copies of 70mm Todd AO tapes. Dolby’s 1976 optical sensor encoding app (released in the movie “Logan’s Run”) did not use split envelopes, so it was not 5.1. Dolby was the first to use a splite surroundings on 70mm film, especially in 1979 with Apocalypse Now. Instead of five TV channels and one Todd-AO surround channel, the Dolby Stereo 80mm Six Track provided three exposure channels, two high-frequency surround channels and / or low-frequency surround combined in mono with both surround channels. .Digital string

    When applied to 35mm prints, the 5.1 layout was adopted by Batman Returns in 1992. The ability to transmit sound in 5.1 format was one of the main requirements when using 70mm images for prestigious tests. Providing 5.1 by 35mm digital quality clearly diminishes the calling of the very expensive 70mm file. Digital sound and theme 5.1 were introduced by KODAK and the Optical Radiation Corporation in 1990, when the Cinema Digital Sound (CDS) format was used in all publications for Days of Thunder and The Doors.

    5.1 Digital Surround in the form of Dolby AC3 Digital and therefore DTS appeared on some versions of LaserDisc in the mid-1990s, among the first literally Clear and Present Danger and Jurassic Park (the latter with AC3 and DTS versions). Many generations of DVDs have playable Dolby Digital tracks5.1ch in accordance with the Digital Dolby DVD design guidelines. Some DVD components contain DTS tracks consisting of most 5.1-channel compositions (however, some versions have a 6.1-inch matrix, if not even separate 6.1-tracks). And the Blu-ray Digital Cinema has 8-channel capacity that can be used when you want to stream full 5.1 or 7.1 sound. 7.1 is a 5.1 extension that uses four dedicated surround extensions, two on the sides and two or three in the back.

    A 5.1 surround sound system was also recently used at the Parisian Moulin Rouge in 1987, developed by French engineer Dominique Bertrand. How in 1985 to create such a system that in cooperation with Solid State Logic, based on their 5000 programs and dedicated speakers, in cooperation with APG, it was enough to develop a special mixer. [6] The console contained the ABCDEF methods. Matching: A on the left, B on the right, in the middle, c D on the left behind, E immediately behind, F low. Engineer Equal already developed a very similar 3.1 system in 1973 to be used continuously To host an official international summit with the French-speaking states in Dakar.


    Line Order

    5.1 high definition 6 channel audio codec

    The choice of channels in the 5.1 gradient differs depending on the file format. WAV files in the correct order, undoubtedly (incomplete): Front Left, Front Right, Center, Low Frequency Effects, Left Surround, Right Surround. [7]


    In music, the primary goal of 5.1 surround sound is the most effective localization and uniformity of any acoustic method for a central audience. Therefore, the top five paired speakers should be used.

    The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) recommends the following configuration (ITU-R BS 775) for 5.1 music playback: [8]

    • the five speakers most often associated with the same size for front, center and surround.
    • All five speakers are at the same distance from the guests.
    • Adjusting the angle to the audience’s viewing direction: 0 ° for service, front ± 22.5 ° for movies, ± 30 ° for music, for surround sound 110 °.

    See Also

    • Ambisonics
    • Timeline audio file formats.
    • Stereophony


    The most common speaker configuration from a 5.1 perspective; uses Digital, Dolby SDDS, DTS, THX and Pro Logic II. Each black square represents a speaker. The center speaker in the top row of the square is used for dialogue. The left and right audio systems on either side of the center speaker are commonly used to prepare stereo sound for music and many of the sound effects in a movie. Surround left and right speakers provide a surround sound effect.



    Speed up your PC today with this easy-to-use download.




    5 1 High Definition 6 Kanal Audio Codec
    5 1 High Definition 6 Kanaals Audiocodec
    Codec Audio 5 1 Haute Definition 6 Canaux
    Codec De Audio De 6 Canais De Alta Definicao 5 1
    Codec Audio 5 1 Ad Alta Definizione A 6 Canali
    5 1 고화질 6채널 오디오 코덱
    6 Kanalnyj Audiokodek Vysokogo Razresheniya 5 1
    5 1 Hogupplost 6 Kanals Ljudkodek
    6 Kanalowy Kodek Audio 5 1 Wysokiej Rozdzielczosci
    Codec De Audio De 6 Canales De Alta Definicion 5 1