Steps To Fix Asus CMOS Checksum Overclocking Error Issue


If you have bad asus cmos checksum overclocking this guide will help you.


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  • 3. Restart your computer and wait for it to finish running the scan, then follow the on-screen instructions again to remove any viruses found by scanning your computer with Fortect
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    This is a well-identified boot failure that occurs on most motherboards from Asus, MSI and a few others. When a problem occurs, the word “Overclocking error!” Please go directly to the installer to reconfigure your system. Displayed in the boot theme before the system enters the boot sequence. How to solve this problem?

    asus cmos checksum bad overclocking failed

    Type K and Intel CPUs can be safely overclocked. Asus has integrated several options into their motherboard that take over the functions of these Intel Type K processors. Motherboards use the BIOS to initiate home improvement. It can also be implemented to adjust frequency and speed in terms of processor (s) and RAM. Modern motherboards usually have a new evolution created by the BIOS called UEFI, which has greatly improved the user interface and efficiency (some UEFIs may still use inta content-based interface with much more functionality). If you have not personally overclocked your RAM or CPU before this error appears, it is most likely due to a memory bandwidth issue.

    CPU intelligence and memory frequency change frequently during overclocking. It will likely change on startup or shutdown as well. If the startup or shutdown process does not complete due to a power failure or many other problems, it may freeze a higher than usual CPU / RAM frequency.

    The following software shows an Asus motherboard with the latest UEFI firmware. However, the same principles apply to all modern motherboards. The storage of some menu items may differ depending on the manufacturer and firmware version.

    Enter BIOS / UEFI configuration as shown on error screen (F2 or LED on startup). The first option is obvious; Press F5 Find (or another method) to set all BIOS settings to default. Now reboot and if that doesn’t work, try the following.

    1) Change the profile to sectionf “System performance” for the “Energy saving” profile.

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