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Over the past week, some of our readers have reported cdbException error codes.


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    CDBException :: m_nRetCode Contains open database Conn. ..
    CDBException :: m_strError Contains a string that …
    CDBException :: m_strStateNative … Contains a string describing t …

    CDBException error code 8592413b-911f-400f-a94e-bd9e619ff91e



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      CDBException Class: Public CException 


    Public Items

    cdbexception error codes

    The class consists of two public data elements that can be easily used to determine the reason for an exception or to display a specific text message describing the exception. CDBException are obstructions and thrown core member functions built from data source classes.

    cdbexception error codes

    Exceptions are abnormal execution of conditions that are independent of the program, such as data source or network I / O errors. Errors that you may see during normal execution of your programWe are usually not considered exceptions.

    These trust objects can be used as part of a CATCH expression. With the global function AfxThrowDBException , you can also generate CDBException objects as you wish.

    For more information on exception handling and more generally on CDBException objects, see this dedicated article Exception Handling (MFC) in addition to Exceptions: The Exception Database .Hierarchy


    Inheriting CDBException :: M_nRetCode

    Contains the RETCODE ODBC error code returned by the Application Programming Town (ODBC) API function.

    This type includes drafts with the SQL prefix defined by ODBC and code with the AFX_SQL prefix defined by the database classes. For This cdbException member contains elements such as one of the following values:

    • AFX_SQL_ERROR_API_CONFORMANCE The driver for calling CDatabase :: OpenEx or simply CDatabase :: Open does not meet ODBC API compliance level of at least 1 (SQL_OAC_LEVEL1).

    • AFX_SQL_ERROR_CONNECT_FAIL Failed to connect to data collection. You passed NULL CDatabase to the recordset constructorin addition to trying to establish a functional connection based on GetDefaultConnect <. install / code> failed.

    • AFX_SQL_ERROR_DATA_TRUNCATED You requested more data than you provided the storage space provided. Information about increasing the amount of data storage provided for the CString or CByteArray data types can be found in the nMaxLength argument for RFX_Text and therefore RFX_Binary in the Macros and Global Variables section.

    • AFX_SQL_ERROR_DYNASET_NOT_SUPPORTED Failed to call CRecordset :: Open to query dynamic set. Dinsets are not only supported by the pilot.

    • AFX_SQL_ERROR_EMPTY_COLUMN_LIST You tried to create a table (or what was presented could not be identified as every procedure call or SELECT statement). code> DoFieldExchange overwrite.

    • AFX_SQL_ERROR_FIELD_SCHEMA_MISMATCH RFX selection in a function that overrides DoFieldExchange is incompatible and contains the data type of the column in each recordset.

    • AFX_SQL_ERROR_ILLEGAL_MODE You called CRecordset :: Update without first calling CRecordset :: AddNew or CRecordset :: Edit .

    • AFX_SQL_ERROR_LOCK_MODE_NOT_SUPPORTED Locking your query for updated records may not be enforced because your ODBC driver does not support locking.

    • AFX_SQL_ERROR_MULTIPLE_ROWS_AFFECTED You called CRecordset :: Update Delete or for each table without a unique key and then changed several data records.

    • AFX_SQL_ERROR_NO_CURRENT_RECORD You tried to modify or delete a previously deleted data record. You need to scroll through one so that after a perfect erase, you can create a new current entry.

    • AFX_SQL_ERROR_NO_POSITIONED_UPDATES Your request from Dynaset may not be satisfied because your ODBC driver does not support the updates applied.

    • AFX_SQL_ERROR_NO_ROWS_AFFECTED You called CRecordset :: Update or delete when starting the process, the trip data record could no longer be found.

    • AFX_SQL_ERROR_ODBC_LOAD_FAILED Failed to load ODBC.DLL file; Windows cannot or cannot load this DLL. This error is fatal. Your

    • afx_sql_error_odbc_v2_required The requirement for this dynamic set could not be met because the ODB driver is still requiredC, level 2 compliant.

    • AFX_SQL_ERROR_RECORDSET_FORWARD_ONLY The search attempt failed because the initial data location does not support scrolling back.

    • cdbexception error codes

      AFX_SQL_ERROR_SNAPSHOT_NOT_SUPPORTED Failed to call CRecordset :: Open to request an image. The driver does not support snapshots. (This should only appear if the ODBC cursor library ODBCCURS.DLL is not available.)

    • AFX_SQL_ERROR_SQL_CONFORMANCE Driver relative to CDatabase :: OpenEx or cdatabase :: open call absolutely does not meet the required minimum ODBC SQL compliance level (SQL_OSC_MINIMUM).

    • AFX_SQL_ERROR_SQL_NO_TOTAL The ODBC driver was unable to specify the total size of the incredible CLongBinary data value. In most cases, the operation failed because the global memory jam could not be pre-allocated. You

    • afx_sql_error_recordset_readonly tried to update a read-only recordset, the data source might be read-only. Unable to update recordset or related CDatabase issue.

    • The SQL_ERROR function did not work. An error message that is likely to return It is provided by the odbc SQLError function, it is stored in the m_strError data.

    • SQL_INVALID_HANDLE The function has no environmental takeover, connection ID, or invalid statement ID. This indicates a programming error. Some other information can be obtained from the ODBC function SQLError .

    Codes prefixed with SQL are defined by ODBC. The codes with the AFX prefixes, which are usually defined in AFXDB.H, can be found in MFC INCLUDE.

    CDBException :: M_strError

    The string describes the error in alphanumeric terms. For more information and an example, see m_strStateNativeOrigin .

    CDBException :: M_strStateNativeOrigin

    A string is a request form “State:% s, Native:% ld, Origin:% s”, where format codes in the structure are replaced with values ​​that describe:

    • SQLSTATE, a null-terminated string containing a five-digit error code that is often returned in the ODBC szSqlState parameter to execute a SQLError job. SQLSTATE values ​​are listed in the latest Appendix A ODBC Error Codes using the ODBC Programming Reference. Example: “S0022”.

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    SobThe actual error code related to the new data source being returned, in the corresponding pfNativeError parameter of the SQLError function. Example: 207.

  • The text of the error message is removed from the szErrorMsg parameter of the SQLError function. This message consists of a large number of names in parentheses. Since the error is efficiently communicated from the source to the user, each ODBC component (data processing tool, driver, driver manager) adds its own name. This information helps to identify the source of the error. Example: SQL [microsoft] [odbc server driver] [SQL Server]

  • The structural part interprets the error string and uses its components in m_strStateNativeOrigin ; As soon as m_strStateNativeOrigin contains information about several specific errors, the errors are separated by line breaks. The framework inserts the alphanumeric text of the error into m_strError .

    For additional instructions on the codes used to create this string, see the SQLError function in the ODBC Programming Reference.


    From ODBC: “State: S0022, Own: 207, Source: [Microsoft] [ODBC SQL Server Driver] [Invalid SQL Server] column name “ColName”

    See Also

    This session is one of the MFC Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) classes. If you are using the new Data Access Object (DAO) classes instead, you often use CDaoException . All DAO class names are prefixed with “CDao”. For more strategies, see Overview: Database Programming .



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