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  • 3. Restart your computer and wait for it to finish running the scan, then follow the on-screen instructions again to remove any viruses found by scanning your computer with ASR Pro
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    If you see a Winamp error in the Edcast tutorial on your computer, you need to check out these suggested solutions. Edcast Winamp – Icecast or Shoutcast Plugin Tutorial Step 1 – Install Winamp. Download and install Winamp (if you haven’t installed it yet). Winamp is free to download. Step 2 – Install the Edcast DSP plugin and even lame_enc.dll. Download and install the Edcast Winamp plugin. Now this … Step 3 – Launch Winamp and the entire Edcast DSP plugin. Press Ctrl – P … More …



    Step 1. Installation – Winamp

    Download and install Winamp (if you haven’t already installed it). Winamp is free to download.

    Step Two – Set Up The Plan in Edcast DSP And Therefore Lame_enc.dll


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  • 1. Download ASR Pro
  • 2. Follow the on-screen instructions to run a scan
  • 3. Restart your computer and wait for it to finish running the scan, then follow the on-screen instructions again to remove any viruses found by scanning your computer with ASR Pro

  • Download and install the Edcast plug-in for Winamp. This is a free Winamp plugin that your readers will stream over the Internet.

    Download the LAME MP3 Encoding Alexa Tool (lame_enc.dll) and place it in the Winamp folder. To do this, right-click the link and select Save Link As, then navigate to C: Program Files (x86) Winamp before clicking Save.

    Link – right click and select “Save Link As” to download lame_enc.dll

    Step 3. Launch Winamp And Edcast DSP Plugin

    • Start Winamp
    • Press Ctrl – P (Ctrl + P keys together) – this will permanently open the settings page.
    • (1) Click on the DSP / Effect column on the left, which may need to be scrolled down on your website.
    • (2) “Edcast specific DSP v3”: A section titled “edcast” will appear.

    Step 2 – Configure The Encoder

    • (3) At the moment, click the Add Encoder button.
    • (4) Right click on the new encoder shown below.
    • (5) In the menu that appears, select “Configure”.

    Set The Encoder To Magnify In The Basic Settings Section.

    • (6) Enter the desired baud rate. It should be the same or possibly lower than the price you could buy.
    • (7) Enter sample rate – enter 44100 for rates greater than 96, or perhaps 22050 for rates below 96.
    • (8) Number of channels – input. If the baud rate of step 2 is greater than 48, select 1 to keep the baud rate below 48.
    • (9) Select the “MP3 Lame” encoder.
    • (10) Select “icecast2” for Web Icecast or “Shoutcast” for Shoutcast Server.
    • (11) Enter the hostname of your personal server.
    • (12) Enter the port number of the server.
    • (13) Enter the DJ or Administrator password for your server.
    • (14) (Icecast2 only) Enter a mount point – usually / stream if not paying for Icecast2 Fast Serv.
    • Enter your stop information in the YP Settings section. “Good”

  • Press 5 – Start Coding
    • (15) Activate the “Automatic reconnection” field.
    • (16) Start my new encoder then normal But click the “Connect” button.
    • Information about the current state of the encoder should be displayed in the “Bit rate” column. When fully functional, a numeric value will be displayed indicating the specific baud rate.


    • If you cannot connect, go back to step and check all system settings. You also need to make sure the music is playing in Winamp.
    • You also have the option to stream audio directly from the input of your sound card (or other device displayed on your PC). Click on any rectangle with an “X” and in this field under “Live recording”. ‘. Can you select the audio device you want to record sound from?

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    The recommended app for streaming audio on a Windows computer is undoubtedly Edcast.

    Edcast is available as Winamp, which is a huge DSP plugin but accepts functional audio.

    1 – Download and install te Winamp

    • Download Winamp from
    • Winamp is usually installed according to the instructions. (We recommend that you never install Winamp Toolbar in addition to eMusic downloads.)

    2 – Download and Install EdCast

    • Download from “winamp dsp with Fraunhofer AAC + support”: direct download link.

    During installation, EdCast DSP asks which encoder parameters you usually want to set. DO NOT select AAC at this point as the required encoder library is currently already installed as part of Winamp

    3 – Launch Winamp and configure EdCast DSP plugin

    Start Winamp, then go to the plugin configuration options screen. (Ctrl-K or right-click the drive and find “Select Plugin”.)

    Select DSP / Effect from the allowed list and single click Edcast DSP v3

    When the encoder is displayed, double-click its name in the Inbox to go to the settings page.

    On my settings page, select the following scripts: (select encoder type first)

    • Encoder type: FHGAAC-HE (or HE-AAC)
    • Bitrate: 64
    • Pr mer: 44100
    • Channels: 2
    • Server type: Icecast2
    • Server IP: [server hostname for reasons you specified when registering with Outcast]
    • Server port: 8000
    • Encoder password: [the password you received when registering with Outcast]
    • Mountpoint: [Mountpoint becomes available to you when you subscribe to Outcast. Must start with /]
    • Reconnecting

    • seconds: 10
    • Attenuation: 0.0

    edcast tutorial winamp

    Public Server means your employees are listed in public wireless directories and should be verified by most Outcast clients.

    4 – Activate localized audio input

    By default, Edcast will keep running every time you play Winamp, but unfortunately it can be easily switched to live stream from the live audio source by clicking the microphone icon in the live recording panel on the home screen. p>

    You will be prompted to select an audio device and audio input.

    edcast tutorial winamp

    Use the slider to adjust the volume of the incoming sound so that the meters only touch the top edge during The loudest parts of the sound. (Note: if the volume meters don’t work, click on the kids to activate them)

    Note. If you are using live audio input, make sure you are NOT listening to music files with Winamp while encoding live audio.

    5 – Start streaming

    The Baud Rate column should display the status associated with the connection, including any errors.

    If everything is ok, this column should be 64 kbps. Maybe (sometimes just read above or below is almost certainly good)

    Leave the Edcast window open, then close the Winamp window and start playing the audio.

    5 – Check if your channel is working

    • Sign in to open the digital website and follow your feed in My Feeds. If everything is in order, the person should have three green check marks.
    • Regarding your computer streaming, listen to one more use of the Outcast Player Flash widget. Paste the following URL into any internet browser (replace the mount point with the mount point obtained by registering In Outcast – WITHOUT the first /)
    • Open your stream by directly selecting the media player eg.

    A few tips:

    • If you are using a large professional sound card, you may need to set the test rate to 48,000 to avoid noise interference. Standard
    • through the edcast panel volume meters are not dynamic. Click on the gray penalty box (to the left of “RMS Counter”) to activate it.



    Speed up your PC today with this easy-to-use download.




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