Repair Tips For The Florida Underground Storage Tank Recovery Foundation



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    In some cases, your computer may display a message stating that funds will be used to clean up Florida underground reservoirs. There can be several reasons for this problem. The Underground Petroleum Storage Tank Cleanup Fund allows operators of petroleum-like storage tanks or qualified operators (O / O) to recover up to US $ 1,000,000 per incident (minus the deduction amount) for acceptable corrective action and / or offset costs incurred Confirmed releases have occurred, which occurred were discovered but were also recorded in December 2014 or later from a considerable distance.

    Underground Storage Tank Cleaning Fund The Underground Storage Tank Cleaning Fund (UST) provides oil TSU owners and operators with the ability to meet government and government requirements to maintain the financial security of payment for damages resulting from the operation of their tanks. …



    EPA 2005 Energy Policy Reports

    • Public Records of Underground Reservoirs (Dec 19, 2019)
    • Petroleum System Storage Prohibited List (County)
      This report lists storage facilities that are subject to S 376.3077, Florida Act (FS) and the 2005 Federal Energy Policy Act. The information includes the personal data number of the installation, the name of the institution, and the address of the function.

    Queries The STCM
    Database (Note: For Best Results, Use Chrome Or Firefox Web Mozilla To Access These Reports.)

    • Compliance and enforcement by county (location) request summary, hence date range. NOTE. Use this query for periods before 06/30/2006. The personal data returned by this request is entirely from 2004/2005 and partly from the 2005/2006 fiscal year, when compliance tracking was switched to the FIRST app.
    • Institution name, address and search term to find the region or district where the institution is usually located.
    • Contaminated storage / latitude / longitude search tank
      Search for offices within latitude / longitude. Select all objects or those for which a release has been reported. Tank / Dirty
    • Search for warehouse I
      Request for the number of the warehouse, information, city and / or region.
    • Search for tanks / objects contaminated ii.
      Search by object name, street, city, postal codeKsu and / or okrug. Refine the variety of data by specifying the type of object, its condition, instructions and / or information on contamination.
    • The following oil recovery program request reports from the STCM database program have been redirected to the oil recovery program reports page.
      • Contractor Performance Assessment Summary Report

      • Contractor-related work status report

      • Debit balance report

      • Report on the financing of oil rehabilitation to date

    Frequently Requested Reports

    • Underground storage tank regulated by area
    • All landfills are open
    • All Permissible Dismissals
    • All issues

    List Of Non-STCM Database Codes

    • List of Database Codes – Tank and Oil Pollution Registration

    Spreadsheet Reports In Excel

    florida underground storage tank cleanup fund

    County and County Excel spreadsheet files are regularly updated by Storage Tank Compliance personnel and the Oil Remediation Program.

      Father about the oil recovery program

    • files
      are available for download in the district. Typically, the field in both files is the institution identification percentage. Information about layoffs and vacancies should be linked based on the identification volume of the enterprise and the identification numbers of the layoffs.
    • Storage Information
      Most of the files are available for download by the municipality. The service in each file is a location identification number.


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    OCULUS features are made available with the kind permission of the public. Also note that in the electronic records of each individual site, virtually all paper documents can now be accessed electronically. If you have questions about documents that are definitely not in the database, please call Florida Unterirdischer Speichertank Sanierungsfonds
    Fondo De Limpieza De Tanques De Almacenamiento Subterraneo De Florida
    Florida Underjordisk Lagringstank For Sanering
    Fond Ochistki Podzemnyh Rezervuarov Floridy
    Florida Ondergrondse Opslagtank Opruimingsfonds
    플로리다 지하 저장 탱크 정화 기금
    Fondo Di Pulizia Del Serbatoio Sotterraneo Della Florida
    Fonds De Nettoyage Des Reservoirs De Stockage Souterrain De La Floride
    Florida Fundo De Limpeza De Tanque De Armazenamento Subterraneo
    Fundusz Oczyszczania Podziemnych Zbiornikow Magazynowych Na Florydzie