Help With Fixing A Kernel Module Serial Error



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  • 3. Restart your computer and wait for it to finish running the scan, then follow the on-screen instructions again to remove any viruses found by scanning your computer with Fortect
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    If you have the serial number of the kernel module on your PC, we hope this blog post will help you.




    15. Serial And Other Tips


    15.1 Sequentially

    Serial drivers are often used as modules in such a form asgeneric_serial.ko. Driver for serial USB cards and multiportare often offered as modules. Linux should be arbitrary automaticallytherefore the module is required, for most subjects you do not need to do anything.

    But sometimes you have to deal with Linux load for some quests orpass parameters to the module, otherwise it will be the kernel.

    These parameters can be assigned to specific modules on the command line.for the kernel or as part of / etc / modules, /etc/modules.conf or/etc/modprobe.conf. As of kernel 2.2, you no longer edit modprobe.confReally use modules updatedchange the program to change the file. Information thatused to update module.conf, stored here in / etc / modutils /.

    Debian / GNU Linux functions file named / etc / modutils / setserial,run the sequential script frequently in /etc/init.d/ at every point where the sequential module is locatedloaded or can be unloaded. When the serial course is over, this scenariosaves the state of the module to /var/run/setserial.conf. Then whenthe module reloads this situation and the saved state is restored. When the first episodeThe module is loaded at startup, there is nothing in it/var/run/setserial.conf to local/etc/serial.conf. So, there are usually two files that hold the main state. differentDistributions can make things look similar.

    Serial modules are supplied with subdirectories. find /lib/modules/.../kernel/drivers/ . For multiport maps searchin each subdirectory serial and / or char . For USB series:Search most of the usb / serial subdirectories. This is a moduleparport_serial to get PCI cards that contain both serial and parallelPorts.


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  • 1. Download Fortect
  • 2. Follow the on-screen instructions to run a scan
  • 3. Restart your computer and wait for it to finish running the scan, then follow the on-screen instructions again to remove any viruses found by scanning your computer with Fortect

  • К As in the previous solution, you can change the following driver by editingSource. Most of the serial driver is in the serial.c file.For information on writing programs for this serial port, seeSequential programming HOWTO. It was considered a revision by Vern Hoxsey in 1999, howeverthis is not an LDP review.

    15.2 Kernel Configuration

    15.3 Number Of Serial Ports Supported

    If you have more than 4 (or most likely 2) serial ports, each shouldMake sure the kernel is aware of this. This can be done by configuringThe kernel at compile time or a new option given to the kernel ifstarts up (boot prompt or kernel descriptor string).

    Kernel configuration parameters:CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_RUNTIME_UARTS = 4 and CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_NR_UARTS = 4Set the new Maximum Common Series (UART) Vents to 4.If you already have more than usual 4 slots in a series, you need to change this7th to nothing. But you can overwrite it with the command through the kernelPage ka in the example: nr_uarts = 16 (if the serial reward isKernel) or 8250.nr_uarts = 16 (if serialized support is provided through this module). vThe bootloader seems to be that lilo grub is finally invited to do this.

    15.Serial 4 Console (serial Console)

    kernel module serial

    See the kernel documentation at: Documentation / serial-console.txt.Kernel 2.4+ now has better documentation. See Currently “Serial Console” atText terminal HOWTO.

    15.5 Leadership For Drivers

    text terminal, RS-232 speed is pretty high, butthe usable length of the cable connection is often too short. Balanced technology canThe usual way to get a balanced exchange text is withone terminal must use 2 line pilots in the serial lineTurn an unbalanced budget into a well-balanced one (and vice versa). YouBranded and expensive to buy.

    15.6 Stop Data Flow After Printing, Etc.

    Normally, thread control and / or software applications stop flowing throughIf necessary byte. But in many cases this is not the case. This could be a problemSerial output goes through a large serial buffer for the main memory of the PC. So if you want to stop advertising it doesn’t matterin this buffer should be deleted. When you say to an applicationTo stop printing, this stamp is unlikely to be emptied to continue printing.until it becomes empty. Optionally, your printer has its own barrier,must be evacuated. Telling the computer to stop advertising may not workbecause of this, there are only two buffers that continue to supply bytes for the printer.This is a problem with the printer software that our serial port is not aware of.and that you need to abandon the modem management products in order to disconnect the printer.

    kernel module serial

    One way to confirm that the printer has stopped printing is to simply turn off the printer.Works well with owners of new series. The buffers are flushed andPrinting does not continue. Older with serial drivers, PC serial numberThe buffer was not emptiedand sometimes printing can continue whereThe printer has turned on again. To prevent this from happening, you need to anticipate the weather.indicated by close_wait of seterial before turning on the printer againreturn. You may also need to remove the job posting from print.Queuing methods will not try to continue.

    15.7 Known I / O Address Conflicts

    Avoid I / O Address Conflicts With Some Video Cards

    IO is the home address of the IBM 8514 video card (and others).ostensibly 0x? 2e8, so how? is equal to 2, 4, 8, or always. This can lead to conflicts (butthe serial port doesn’t have to be very well designed (no doubt) with an I / O address ttyS3 at 0x02e8 if the serial port ignores the first hex 0Encrypts if this task decrypts the address (many do). Is that bad news in case it does?try using ttyS3 at this I / O address. Another Linux storydoes not recognize your internal device on ttyS3 , but you can use it Use setserial to send ttyS3 to this important address and to the modemworks good.

    I / O Address Conflict With Ide2 Hard Drive Problem

    One of ttyS2 is 3e8-3ef and ide2 hard drive is 3eewhat is actually in this area. So if you run Linux you can see a nice reportthis conflict. Most normal people don’t use ide2 3rd (pretty hard driveCable) and you can ignore this contrast message. You may have several difficultiespowers ide0 and two pretty much on ide1, so most people don’t really need ide2.

    15.8 Known Defective Hardware

    Issue With AMD Elan CPU Sc400 (PC-on-a-Chip)

    It has a race condition that compares the interrupt and the update register.UART. Most likely an interrupt will occur when the UART sendercompletes the transfer of one byte and as a UART send bufferbecomes empty (waiting for the next byte). But the registerThe UART is not updating fast enough to reflect this. HowAs a result, the business interruption procedure is quickly verified and yours is determined…(by mistake) nothing happened. So no byte is sentPort if you need to send and the UART transmitter is unsuccessful onByte, this is never too much. When the service is expected to completeit will just take longer before the status register is checked, then it willhave been updated to reflect the actual condition and you should be fine.

    There is a commitment to address this issue by patching a specific serial driver. cornIf Linux turns out to be patched to account for faulty hardware, especiallycan the type of patch affect performance in the same way as good hardware?



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    Seriale Del Modulo Del Kernel
    Kernelmodul Seriell
    Kernel Module Serieel
    커널 모듈 직렬
    Module De Noyau Serie
    Serial Do Modulo Do Kernel
    Karnmodul Seriell
    Serijnyj Nomer Modulya Yadra
    Seryjny Modulu Jadra
    Serial Del Modulo Del Kernel