Fixed: How To Fix Owa Error 12019.



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    Over the past few weeks, some of our readers have reported error owa 12019.



    As with the mentioned issue, there are network connectivity issues or high network latency during owa access.

    1. Does this happen to all my users? Yes, then there is a problem with OWA publishing and external DNS name resolution

    2. Does this happen for a specific site? If so, the issue is related to this network CAS server issue on this site

    3. If this happens to the user individually, the problem is most likely related to the user’s computer network.

    If your problem is unlikely to be resolved, please let us know from the MVPs informed at the top

    1. Entering the url owa actually displays the authentication page

    Exchange for this year! – Some of our users, but not all, receive an error message when accessing the OWA site. Error 12019 – We had an expired certificate that was delivered by ourselves and a new one was placed in the space (not by me).

    If you check the note in the I boxes, you will see exactly the same as the new generated and the old one that has expired. NS. Mister. Of course, clients trying to fix the problem are trying to connect to the site using the old certificate, but I’m not sure how much I need to revoke the old certificate or how I can go about doing this. p>

    I have a server running on each other in 2010, where several users logged in directly through Outlook and many others use OWA to check their emails. Things have been going well for a few seasons now, but now I’m getting targeted complaints from some users that they might send two more emails and then receive the following error message:

    Your network connection is not for sale. If the problem persists, contact support at this HTTP status number: 12019.

    Your network connections seem to be relatively unchanged (you can easily use other online services). This is with different users in different places in the mall and outside (connecting via LAN, but also WAN). The problem seems to be getting worse, but by no means can it be identified with a location, mcar, operating system or something else.

    In the end, I ran the MS Exchange troubleshooter and the wizard found no issues other than actually disabling EXMon tracing. This time, it turned out that 98% of the CPU was in use by 6 users, and with the exception of slightly slower instances of disk access when recommended, everything looked fine.

    Sometimes I checked the exchange server and firewood. The tool has encountered 1 error event for all processes (no detailed description of the error), but the error is probably no longer related.

    Any other ideas or ideas for testing functions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

    We have a lot of queries about weather conditions in the built-in SharePoint mode in SSRS. After a few minutes of manipulation, we will see that the focus is on errors:

    Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerServerErrorException: An unknown error occurred while processing the request on the server. The status code returned by Server 1 was: 12019

    Interestingly, this problem only occurs when using IE. Any report will continue to work in Chrome and pacceptable.

    In our environment, we have F5 BigIP as a load balancer for the SharePoint frontend. All we had to do was set the idle timeout to 3600 (default 300) in the TCP profile for regular virtual servers.

    Imagine the situation. You just deployed AD FS 2016, not to mention Web Application Proxy (WAP) servers, a highly available environment in which the AD FS namespace balances internal and external loads. There are several AD FS and WAP servers, this is an interesting project deployment and everything is going well too. After verifying that basic AD FS and WAP functionality is expected when using WAP to publish Exchange to the Internet using single sign-on.


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  • 1. Download Fortect
  • 2. Follow the on-screen instructions to run a scan
  • 3. Restart your computer and wait for it to finish running the scan, then follow the on-screen instructions again to remove any viruses found by scanning your computer with Fortect

  • instead of seeing your lovely splash of water from OWA when you are fully greeted at Starbucks with the following slightly sad side:

    Hmm. OWA may never start the published Exchange host – let’s try ECP instead.

    Everything is in order inside and everything works as expected. These WAP servers resolve DNS themselves in the correct endpoints. kah. OWA and ECP are also frequently displayed on the WAP server, as expected.

    owa error 12019

    External publishing issue isolated. There is something wrong with WAP.

    Check Your WAP Configuration

    Anything related to the required Exchange CAS namespaces that I published using WAP. Below is a specific remote access control console on a WAP-2016-1 site. The published OWA will be highlighted as a program, and then you will see the advanced OWA search.

    We can choose Remote Access Control to open the properties of the written application, or we can use PowerShell. The PowerShell method is shown below.

     Get-WebApplicationProxyApplication "" | List of formats 

    It’s okay. The correct certificate is selected, or rather, the certificate is valid in all respects.

    Since everything seems to be in order, let’s look directly at the diagnostic wap to see what is happening

    Troubleshoot WAP Problems

    At the beginning of the test, it seemed that everyone in the WAP world was doing well. No bugs were reported in:

    “The federation server is successfully proxy and its configuration wasUpdated by the federation service “”. ”

    As mentioned earlier, the site idpinitiatedsignon worked as expected and no problems occurred. This is in case of using a new URL:

    Specifically, we see EventID 12019 where a weird error occurs when creating a WAP listener.

    Failed to create listener web application proxy for the following URL: .
    Cause: Incorrect file name, directory name, or sometimes volume name syntax.
    (0x8007007b) .WAP

    Fix For 2016 Application Publishing Error

    The reputation that the error is considered invalid is highlighted below.

    It is common practice to copy the expanded URL and then paste it into all the appropriate fields. It is effective and also prevents typos.

    However, if the url is copied and pasted into the name field above, you will find yourself using pickle and probably reading which article … ..

    The problem is caused by a specific invalid “/” in the info field. Just remove the bad sign to fix the problem. So thatWe find out, we can go directly to the published WAP application and select CHANGE.

    Note that in the following example, the entire “Name” field has been changed to already contain “OWA”

    Run the wizard to make changes. Allow WAP to add a bookmark and update its configuration.

    This can also be done in PowerShell using one of the Set-WebApplicationProxyApplication cmdlets. For example:

     Set-WebApplicationProxyApplication -BackendServerUrl "" -ExternalCertificateThumbprint 'BD4074969105149328DBA6BC8F7F0FFC9509C74F' -ExternalU '' -52A9-ED1>

    This has been repeated for all published applications. Notice the column name that appears - all of our own published apps now have simple names.

    owa error 12019

    It's time to check out and you should get back into business too!

    Please note that you think this issue must be specific to WAP 2016 and was not present in WAP 2012 R2.
    Well done,



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