Troubleshooting Tips For Search Issues In Outlook 2010


Over the past week, some of our readers have reported that they have encountered search issues in Outlook 2010.


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    Usually a new Outlook search problem does not help you with Windows Indexing Service. The files are stored on your computer, which helps improve Outlook search. To resolve the search issue in Outlook 2010, you need to create a specific index that has been rebuilt by the list service.



    Regardless of which version of Outlook you are actually using, at some point you may have problems with the search function. Problems also exist in newer versions of Outlook. It doesn’t matter if it only brings half the results of mass popularity or makes it completely difficult, you have come to the point where these two problems of finding Outlook 10 clients can occur. Don’t worry, there are simple solutions to these problems. If your search conflicts with Outlook 2010, follow these steps:

    Search Feature In Outlook 2010 Is Not Working

    How do I fix the search in Outlook 2010?

    Close Outlook completely.Go to Control Panel> Programs> Programs and Features> Turn Windows features on or off.Make sure the Indexing Service check boxes are selected, and then click OK.Open Outlook to go back and see if the search bar is working.

    I amThere are several reasons why Outlook 2010’s Preview feature might not work. One of them is that the search function can be completely disabled if desired. This is typical for problem girls who have upgraded Outlook 12 months 2010 from an older version – search will be disabled during the improvement process, but usually you just need to enable it again for it to work. Here’s how it works:

    1. Close Outlook completely.
    2. Select Control Panel> Programs> Programs and Features> Turn Windows Features On or Off.
    3. Make sure Indexing Service is checked and finally click OK.
    4. Open Outlook again and check if the search bar actually works.

    search problems in outlook 2010

    That’s all you need to do to get Outlook search to work reliably again. If for some reason you find that Outlook is still not learning, you have another indexing issue that requires you to rebuild the index.

    Is A Corrupted File Causing Search Problems In Outlook 2010?

    However, before going to the full index, rebuildTo troubleshoot search problems in Outlook 2010, you must also ensure that your Outlook data files are not corrupted. Data directory corruption can occur over and over again, and after that, Outlook 2010 Search usually stops working due to all of this corruption. You can use our inbox repair tool to fix some corrupted files and this is one of the easiest ways to fix the new Outlook search feature. Using the desktop search tool, search for Scanpst.exe and simply run it. If after this process you find that Outlook Search 2010 is still not working as expected, the next obvious step is to rebuild the index.

    Rebuild The Index Of Each Of Ours In Outlook 2010

    You may need to rebuild the index along the way to resolve many of your search terms in Outlook 2010. Here’s what you need to do:

    1. You do not need to exit Outlook 2010 because users can access indexing options from within the program.

    search problems in outlook 2010

    2. Access indexing options directly from Outlook by clicking “FFile> Options> Find (in the middle of the list, right to the left).

    4. When the Indexing Options dialog box appears, select Advanced. You need management rights to access it.

    5. Click the “Restore” button to rejuvenate your index finger.

    You have time to rebuild the index. After Outlook rebuilds the index, your general Outlook search problems should get more serious. If you find that you still don’t like Ultimate, consider using a third party tool.

    If a search in Microsoft Outlook 2010 is unlikely to produce results, or if the solutions do not meet your expectations, then the indexing of the data image is almost certainly corrupted or incomplete. Urgent Entity Search uses indexing services to quickly find what you are looking for. Now the root cause could be Microsoft Outlook’s list of faulty services or Windows’s own list of services.

    We will fix the services in this guide, as well as other solutions that have helped many users.

    Solution 1: Easily Troubleshoot And Rebuild The Index

    Open Outlook if it is not currently open. Click File in the upper left corner, then select Options.

    Click the Search tab in the left pane, in this case select Indexing Options.

    Click Advanced. Click Yes when you receive the User Account Control warning. In this troubleshooting section, click on Troubleshoot and Indexing and see usually the wizard detects the problem and fixes it.

    When prompted to select someone’s problem, select “All that apply” and click “Next”. At the end, check if any requirements were found to analyze if the search works. Otherwise, click New in the Advanced menu.

    Recovery will take some time, depending on the length and volume of your data. It may be a good idea to leave the app running for a few hours, maybe 2-3 hours. Then restart Outlook and see if the problem is resolved. Otherwise, foreign trade will move on to the next decision.

    Rebuilding Solution 2: Manual Microsoft Outlook Search Index

    Open Outlook if you haven’t already. In the upper pending corner, click File, then select Options. In the Pending panel, click the Look In tab, then choose Indexing Options. (See Images in Resolution 1).

    Click Edit, but also disable the currently selected locations. Click OK to confirm. Click Close to close this Indexing Options window. Open the Indexing Options window again.

    Now check the locations that your company previously disabled to restore their services. Click OK to confirm.

    It will take some time to recreate the recording. Click once to close. You will see the message “Outlook has finished indexing all items.” Restart Outlook and see if the search returns any data. Otherwise, move on to the next method.

    Solution 3: Rebuild The Index In Windows Indexing Services


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  • In the left pane, select Turn Windows features on, or optionally turn off Windows features. Click Yes when received Please post a warning about User Account Control. A list of important functions is displayed.

    Disable Windows Search Credit. In the warning message that appears, click Yes, and then click OK.

    Now log off Windows to update components and restart your trusted computer when prompted. After restarting, start Microsoft Outlook and reconfigure the search function. Close Outlook when done. When this is usually done, go to Re-enable or disable Windows delivery using the appwiz.cpl command in the be dialog box and switch the Windows search function back. Now wait for your current Windows to make changes to its excellent features and restart your computer. if you have the ability to do so.

    After restarting, open the control panel. Click Indexing Options. Click the Advanced button in one of the indexing options windows. Click Yes when prompted by the UAC.

    Then click “Rebuild” to rebuild the index. If a confirmation window appears, click OK and wait for completionprocess. Close the Indexing Options window when indexing is complete.

    Wait for Outlook to finish indexing completely. To verify that the indexing is complete, do click the file at n. left corner. Click Options. In the window that appears, click the “Search” tab. Click Indexing Options. If indexing is also complete, “Indexing Complete” is displayed at the top, where this number is currently displayed. Restart Outlook. Your problem should now be resolved. Otherwise, skip to the next solution.

    Solution 4: Disable Instant Search

    Generally go back to Outlook Indexing Options (as in Solution 1) and select Change. Disable Microsoft Outlook and click OK. Make sure Outlook data file locations are selected. The small arrow often indicates the location of most files. Uncheck the boxes for all files. You may have more than one if buyers create different accounts here.

    After the restriction, close and reopen Outlook, then test it. Esland that’s not enough, repeat the steps to activate our Outlook data files. Make sure they are not excluded.

    Solution 5: Make Sure Your Indexing Settings Are Correct

    Go back to Indexing Options and click Advanced. Accept the specific UAC prompt if it appears. Select all the file type tabs. Find the .msg offset. Make sure it is checked and that the “Index properties and content” file is preferred in the “How should this file be indexed more thoroughly?” “. Click OK to confirm. Click Close to exit.

    Solution 6. Repair Microsoft Outlook

    search problems in outlook 2010

    While holding down the Windows key, press R. Type appwiz.cpl and click OK. Find your perfect desktop or program, Outlook click Change, select Repair and click Next. Wait for the repair to complete. After Outlook has been repaired and updated. Check it out again. If the check function is still working, of course, you will have to completely uninstall Outlook, reinstall it, and configure it again.

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    How do I fix Outlook search problems?

    However, click File Options.Select Search on the left and click Indexing Options.Click Advanced.Click the Create New button.

    Why is my Outlook search not working?

    Include Outlook data in indexing Open Indexing Options in the Windows Administration window. In the Indexing Options dialog box, make sure Microsoft Outlook is listed in the Included Locations column. If Microsoft Outlook does not always appear in the list, select From Change and always check the box for Microsoft Outlook.




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