Help Troubleshoot Lotus Notes Errors While Viewing Debug Tasks



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    Here are some simple steps that can help you troubleshoot the display of a Lotus Notes debug task.



    Displays server name, Programdomino® directory path and statusactive server tasks.


    An inactive request is displayed. ShowA state task has been added to the Tasks web command, which is supported by additional ones. was launchedThe mail router generates flows and generates input and output information about the activity of the router.

    Tip: You can also use the Domino Administratorto display the current list of active tasks. In any Domino administrator, click the tab.


      Show Tasks  


    Display adsTasks draw an action or are inactive, as seen in the following sample output.

      List of HTTP servers for TCP port connection requests: 80 available  
      SMTP task  

    Server check

      Schedule manager is inactive  
      LDAP task  

    Server check

      Directory Indexer is inactive  
      Router Mailbox: Send Messages  
      Route Send engine [00000007]: message processing  
      Router is inactive  

    Just as you can easily test views and forms, test agents by highlighting an agency in the agent folder and then choosing Actions, Test from Selection. Figure 11.19 shows the menu. This agent takes no action; he just selects documents. The agent log window reports on searches such as the number of documents that match the criteria, the number of related documents that have changed, and start and exclusion times.

    The results of the test manager — the agent for selecting records and documents based on a specific condition — show that the agent is working without errors (see Figure 11.20).

    The log is also considered to be available in the agent menu, which is displayed by the expert status when you are in my agent file. This menu has two options: Agent Properties and Protocol. If you choose free, enter the agent log window, which contains statistics for the last time the agent has been running. If any of theThese agents have never been launched before, a prompt window will appear in which you will learn most of the facts.

    This feature, new in Domino And 6, allows a developer to debug an agent on a web server. To use this feature, you can enable remote debug delivery in the agent by checking the important checkbox in the box on the Security tab of this agent information field. Debugging must also be enabled on the server by enabling the following options:

    • Add Rdebug to the ServerTasks = section in the server notes.ini file as ServerTasks = Replica, Router, Rdebug, Update ...
    • Enter rdebug in from a computer console on the Internet, or restart the server.
    • On the Basics tab in the server document, change the setting for the Remote Debug Manager job to Enabled. Note. To edit this field, you must have administrator access to the hosting.
    • On the Server Tasks tab of the server mail, select the tab on the far right with the heading Remote Debug Manager. Enter a time limit for the rdebug target on the server in the parameter е “Disable server debugging after deactivation”. Note. If you set this value to -1 , the case will last forever.
    • Enter a delay in the Waiting for agent at startup field if you want the agent to pause so you have time to direct the remote debugger to the agent’s address.
    • Make sure you have permission to run agents in the Server Security tab.

    To start and then debug a specific agent, you can increase the frequency generated by the agent by clicking the Schedule button on the General tab of the Agent Properties dialog box, or by setting it to run hourly in the Schedule Each Agent dialog box. to 0 and change this value to five minutes or maybe less.

    Tell amgr to run your path database name ‘agentName’

    Using nsf, a debugged statement running on a specific server, select File, Tools, Remote Debugger from the menu, as shown in Figure 11.21.

    show tasks debug lotus notes

    The Domino 6 Approved Debuggers page opens. Select File, then select Debug Target from the menu. The Select Debug Target dialog box appears, compared to Figure 11.22.


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  • 1. Download Fortect
  • 2. Follow the on-screen instructions to run a scan
  • 3. Restart your computer and wait for it to finish running the scan, then follow the on-screen instructions again to remove any viruses found by scanning your computer with Fortect

  • Figure 11.22. Domino debugger. Select the server the agent is running on from that specific server list box and click Open.

    Displays a list of databases on the server. Select the customer base that the agent belongs to and just click “Open”.

    If the agent you are debugging is running, it will appear in the Debug Target field. If you do not select this option, click the legal representative you want to debug outside of the list of debug targets, and then click the Open button.

    show tasks debug lotus notes

    The script window debugger opens and displays the agent notification (options). You can now debug your agent.

    Logs are created under –

    BE Server – Program Files Symantec Backup Exec Logs
    Remote Server – Program Files Symantec Backup Exec RAWS Logs

    The following logs create an awesome file every time BE options are restarted / debugged:

    The following logs are included (separate log file):



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