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    What This Tutorial Is About

    This guide is intended to give you the basics (and familiar additions)write programs using Win32 API. The language used is most of the C, C ++ compilers.will compile too. In fact, most of the information any language that supports the API, including Java, Assembly, and Visual Basic.However, I am not going to release any code related to these others and you are on your own.correct in this regard, but several people have already used this document in said documentLanguages ​​with great success.
    tutorial c win32

    it can’t teach you the C language and won’t tell everyone how to do itRun your dedicated compiler (Borland C ++, Visual C ++, LCC-Win32, etc.). I will do itHowever, take a few examples in the appendix to provide some advice on using compilers.I already know about this.

    tutorial c win32

    When you don’t know what the macro or type def a will be, or like the () switchThe instruction works, go back now and read a particularly good C book or tutorial first.

    Important Notes

    Sometimes in this text I indicate that some things are IMPORTANT to read.Because they fuck people a lot, if you weren’t reading this you probably got caughtsame. The incredible first is this:

    The source provided in the sample zip file is optional! I will never recordall code in specific text, only this one has to do with who I amwe are currently discussing. To see how this fact code breaks down intoProgram, you need to look again at the source code referenced in the zip file.

    Read the entire assignment! If you have part of the whole tutorial at the time of the questionjust be patient and you may be able to answer it later. When you can’tcome to terms with the idea of ​​not knowing, at least by hovering over or searching (yes, computers can now do that)the rest of the document before asking the crowd on IRC or email

    Another point is that any uncertainty about problem A can eventually turn intoreplied to discussion B or C, or maybe L. So, first of all, look around you.

    Ok i feel like itall i need to do nowLet’s try real code.

    The Simplest Win32 Program

    When you graduate as a student, you can ensure that you: a. can compilebasic Windows application. Suggest the following code in someone else’s compiler andIf all goes well, your company will end up with some of the crappiest software ever written.


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  • 1. Download ASR Pro
  • 2. Follow the on-screen instructions to run a scan
  • 3. Restart your computer and wait for it to finish running the scan, then follow the on-screen instructions again to remove any viruses found by scanning your computer with ASR Pro

  • Remember to compile this method in C, not C ++. It probably doesn’t matter thereEverything but the code, only C here, this tool is a great way to get started on the right track.In most cases, it is almost necessary to add someone’s code to the .c file rather thanfile .cpp . If it hurts your head, call test.c and just finished with that.

    #include int WINAPI WinMain (hInstance HINSTANCE, hInstance HINSTANCE hPrev, LPSTR lpCmdLine, int nCmdShow) MessageBox (NULL, “Goodbye, hard world!”, “Note”, MB_OK); Exchange 0;

    If that doesn’t work, the first thing you need to do is read any complications you have andIf you are not studying them, look for them in the reference document or other documents.accompany your personal tocompiler. Make sure you haveWin32 pointed to the GUI project (NOT “Console”) / makefile / target, the problem is correctto your compiler. Unfortunately I can’t help much with this component either, becauseErrors and how to fix them vary from compiler to compiler (and person to person).

    tutorial c win32

    You will receive several warnings about not using the provided parameters. WinMain () . It is very good.Now that we’ve shown you that you can actually create a guide, let’s move on tothis little piece of code …

    int WINAPI WinMain (hInstance HINSTANCE, hInstance hPrevious HINSTANCE, LpCmdLine, lpstr int nCmdShow)

    WinMain () was the Windows equivalent principal () from DOS or UNIX.This is where the program starts to work. The specific parameters are as follows:

    HINSTANCE hInstance
    Descriptor of the executable module of the current program (.exe image in memory)
    HINSTANCE hPrevInstance
    Always NULL for Win32 programs.
    LPSTR lpCmdLine
    Single line command line arguments. DOES NOT CONTAIN this special program name.
    int nCmdShow
    Integer value Which can be passed to ShowWindow () . We’ll come back to this later.

    hinstance is purchased for things like loading equipment and other work, which in turnimplemented in modules. A module is either an EXE or a DLL loaded into a user program.For (if not all) the Ideas Tutorial, only one module will be used, undoubtedly the onePERFORMING.

    hPrevInstance must be a handle that a previously executed instance is executing.From your product (if applicable) to Win16. This no longer applies. In Win32, ignorethis parameter.

    Calling Conventions

    WINAPI defines the basic calling convention and is definedfor example _stdcall . If you don’t know what that means, don’t it will not affect humanity in this lesson. Just remember thishere it was necessary.

    Win32 Data Types

    You will find that the most common keywords orTypes have definitions specific to Windows, UINT receive unsignedinteger , LPSTR To character * etc… What are youthe choice is really yours. If you find it more convenient to use character * Together LPSTR Feel free to do this. Just find out who you arefind out what keyboard input is before replacing anything else.

    Just think of a few things that they can easily interpret too. LP The prefix means a long pointer. So in Win32 the detail is pretty outdatedDo not worry. And if you don’t understand what a pointer is, you can 1) go eitherFind a C book and tutorial, or 2) go on and wake up a lot. IdentificationReally tends to recommend # 1, but most people use # 2 (I would :). But I just don’t wanna say I didn’twarn you

    Then C after LP symbolizes const Needle. LPCSTR a denotes a pointer to a constant string that is not oris and has not changed. However, LPSTR is not const andcan grow to change.

    You can also see the confused full T here. Don’t worry nowunless you need to specifically use Unicode, it doesn’t mean anything.



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