How To Fix An Unidentified Image Defect



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    You may encounter an error indicating an unrecognized image defect. There are several ways to solve this problem, and we will deal with it shortly.



    Yes. Mister. Python with version 2.7 in Visual Studio 2013. The previous code worked fine in Spyder, but when I run:


      numpy as npimport scipy as spImport math as mtimport matplotlib.pyplot and pltImport imageimport at random# (0, 1) will be N.SCALE = 2.2666 # Scale weight 1 meter = 2.266666666 pixelsMIN_LENGTH = 150 pixelsPROJECT_PATH = 'C:  cimtrack_v1'im = (PROJECT_PATH + ' ST.jpg') 
      Traceback (last called last):  "", file line 1, port   The file "C:  cimtrack_v1  PythonApplication1  dr", line 19, appears in     im is equal to (PROJECT_PATH + ' ST.jpg')  File "C:  Python27  lib  site-packages  PIL" line 2020, open    raise an IOError ("cannot match label file")IOError: Image cannot identify file 

    As suggested, I used the pillow setup time for my Python 2.7. But oddly enough, I get:

      >>> from PIL import imageTraceback (last accessed last):  File "", line 1, ImportError: if there is no module named PIL>>> due to Pil-Import ImageReturn (last face last):  File "", first line, ImportError: No approved pilot module>>> Import PIL.ImageTraceback (most of them remember the past last):  File "", line 1, in ImportError: No module named PIL.Image>>> import PILTraceback (last call last):  File "" Line 1 Streaming ImportError: No module named PIL 

    UnidentifiedImageError Traceback (last call)
    in ()
    1 import matplotlib.pyplot fact that plt
    —-> 2 img = (response.raw)
    3 # plt.imshow (img)

    /usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/PIL/ completely open (fp, mode)
    2894 Warnings.warn (message)
    2895 UnidentifiedImageError (
    -> 2896 “Unable to save image manually% r save”% (filename if filename is different from fp)

    import requestsfrom PIL import imageThe url is = request.get (url, stream = True)img matches (response.raw)

    If you got Python PIL, pil.unidentifiedimageerror: unable to identify error, image then follow these steps to fix it.


    1. Make surethat the image you created is PIL does not support
    2. If you are editing images directly from a folder, go to the file, expand their files, check if the image is in files that were not recognized by PIL. They are removed when you can find a PIL supported format or convert it to a PIL supported format.
    3. Sometimes, if your Python code terminates while you can process one or more images, image files are generated that take a long time to run. The next time you run the code, you actually run into an attribution error: () cannot find the image file. In this case, follow the second step.

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