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    Boardman Color

    While the paparazzi in the winner’s circle draws Lightning McQueen, Boardman is one of many associated with photographers and is portrayed in his correct green livery, and Boardman is brown.

    Tilting The Tractor

    As Mather and McQueen sneak in the middle of the night to overturn a tractor, Mather demonstrates how to work by rocking two tractors. Mater says McQueen tried, and then the Doctor starts the engine, which turns over all tractors, including the ones Mater turned over, although they must still be wrong.


    Darrell Cartrip reports that McQueen is donating a flat tire, which can be shown at Motor Speedway, which is linked to southern television screens. Three moments after the first image of the entire screenpart of other TVs playing the same material as before is displayed.


    When Lightning McQueen, Chick Hicks and King enter the stands, confetti begins to fall in their direction. However, there are no obvious flakes getting into the cars, despite the fact that they are poured into them. There will also be more confetti flakes under the cars.

    Disappearance Of The Offenders

    car error movie pixar

    Snot and Wingo are shown relative to the Mac’s left side as the front of McQueen’s trailer begins to open. However, once the close-up of Lightning is displayed at the start of the crumple, Vingo and Snotty are no longer near the boat’s trailer. However, once the camera rolls back, the tuners will be able to deal with them again.

    Snot Rods Engine

    When Delinquent the Road Hazards is almost always close-up, a photo of the Snot Rod engine is displayed. But when turning, the butterflies close when they should open.


    Before the final race continues, the Hicks Chick Lightning boasts one of its decals with a meaningful C in the center of the new groove A cloud. The letter “C” reflects McQueen, although the letter “C” faces forward, although most of the time it should be displayed instead if it is a “mirror” type.

    Bad Wheels

    What appears to be a mistake may sound like some of your current viewers at the Los Angeles International Speedway. Verne’s bike goes through the wing.

    In a vein, later in the film, we might see Guido juggle the hoops while Luigi offers Van and Minnie’s services. However, one of his tires appears to be sticking out of his body.

    Mack’s Headphones

    When the camera first shows the cool Springs people as McQueen’s troubled team, Mac can be seen wearing headphones. However, once the camera zooms in on him, Mac no longer wears the headphones for long. The following race scenes returned the headphones to Mack.

    Inconsistencies In Piston Cup Position

    Winford Bradford Rutherford is the car Chick pulls first to start a big crash, and then Winford crashes into Murray Clutchburn. However, when camera says, “Come on in, McQueen!” shows James Cleaner instead of Murray.

    During the last lap of the race, the last two cars often switch from Kevin Racingtyre and Slider Petrolski to Todd Marcus and Claude Scruggs, although the four single cars are far from the same scene, Ernie Gearson appears in the place of Howl Ingas and other Winfords of Bradford The Rutherfords may appear in place of Todd Marcus.

    Before Chick Hicks Winford meets Bradford Rutherford, the whole family can find out that Murray Clutchburn is on Floyd Mulwichill’s side.


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  • When Lightning crosses the wall and overtakes Rusty Cornfuel and Floyd Mulvihill, he passes Winford Rutherford and Sage Vanderspin and becomes the Petrolski Slider. However, after Justin Todd, there is Marcus, Ernie Gearson, not to mention Winford, as if there are two RPM machines with matching bodies.

    As the wrecked car starts up and the camera zooms in, viewers can see how Eugene Karbureski recognized her from the wreckage, although the next few images show Eugene in the wreckage.

    Chuck Arms Long was still there when he restarted, although he was kicked out of the race shortly before.

    King’s Eyes

    At the beginning of the film, where the king’s eyes are brown, and during and immediately after being hit by Chick Hicks, his gaze is almost the same color, simply because of his color. Later, while watching the film’s epilogue, the Visible King haunts the autosport museum with his most fitting brown eyes.

    Number Of Piston Cup Drivers

    In the first scene of the entire movie, Lightning talks to himself before leaving the trailer, stating that there will be “1 winner, 42 losers,” which means 43 different race cars. However, only 36 cars are participating in the real race.Pilots numbered 3, 9 and 113 are visible on the screen. However, there are no known participants in the 2005 Piston Cup using these types of numbers.

    Main Speed

    car error movie pixar

    In a close-up of Gasoline, as Pulaski is handing out a reliable bottle of Nitroade to Winford Bradford Rutherford, the RPM leader is shown in yellow. However, it is later shown to handle white paint well on all Depression crews.

    Mater Tires

    In some scenes, Mater’s rear wheels are dark brown. But in other scenes, they can be yellow on the right and gold and silver on the left. Characters


    Duplicate The World When There Are Several Piston Cup Participants In The Box, Two James Cleiners In A Specific Scene.Billy Oilchanger Was The Head Of Davey Apex And Dale Jr., And As They Pass By, The Other Billy Oilchanger Ends Up Behind Krusty Rotor.

    car error movie pixar

    In the scene where Darren Leadfoot is Sage, followed by WonderSpin, his rims are white, but in the rest of his personal scenes, the rims are black.


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