FIX: Error Ora-01722 Invalid Number Ora-06512



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    This guide will help you if you encounter error ora-01722 with the wrong number ora-06512. g.An invalid number error occurs when Oracle tries to convert a string to a variety field but fails. This is often because the specified string value is not a complete number (for example, a letter for a punctuation mark). On exit, you will receive an error message: ORA-01722: Invalid choice.

    g.The “Invalid value error ORA-01722” usually occurs due to the process. (Example: converting a sequence of numbers). You used an expression and it could have been a function in your request. Also check the data type.




    Oracle does automatic String2number conversion to get string column values! However, for some textual comparisons in SQL, it should be pointed out that this must be explicitly separated by a string: the reverse conversion of number2String is certainly not done automatically, nor at a particular level of the SQL query.

    select max (acc_num) in ACCOUNTS from acc_num from 1001000 to 1001999;

    Me and I only come with “numerical” values, surrounded so that they can become “strings”, only with explicit separation:

    select max (acc_num) in ACCOUNTS anywhere acc_num from '1001000' to '1001999';

    edit:This is because the acc_num column is defined as String on my computer. While it is simply not a numeric value, it was believed to be a invalid number . And explicitly delineating the number of lines usually solved the problem.

    On the other hand, Oracle can handle strings based on numbers. Hence, numeric operations / functions should definitely be applied to strings, keeping in mind that these queries will

    select max (string_column) in TABLE;

    Select string_column in the TABLE, where string_column compares “2” and “z”;

    Select string_column in the TABLE, where string_column> ‘1’;

    select with TABLE string_column where string_column <= 'b';

    Burleson Consulting Oracle Error Troubleshooting Tips

    Oracle docs provide information on this process about Oracle.ORA-01722:

    ORA-01722wrong number
    Reason:Attempt to convert nice string to number failedbecause the string was by no means a valid numeric literal; simplyNumeric fields or character fields with numeric data can be math functions or expressions. Only digital rigs can be addedto or from data. Face = “Courier
    Action:Test my strings for effort or expression. check thisthey just contain the number, sign, your decimal point and sign”E” or maybe “e” and repeat the process.

    Errore Ora 01722 Numero Non Valido Ora 06512
    Fel Ora 01722 Ogiltigt Nummer Ora 06512
    Oshibka Ora 01722 Nevernyj Nomer Ora 06512
    Erreur Ora 01722 Numero Invalide Ora 06512
    Fout Ora 01722 Ongeldig Nummer Ora 06512
    Erro Ora 01722 Numero Invalido Ora 06512
    Fehler Ora 01722 Ungultige Nummer Ora 06512
    오류 Ora 01722 잘못된 번호 Ora 06512
    Blad Ora 01722 Nieprawidlowy Numer Ora 06512
    Error Ora 01722 Numero Invalido Ora 06512