Configuring Email In Windows Server 2003 Easy Fix Solution



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    In this user guide, we will identify some of the possible causes that might lead to the configuration of e-mail in Windows Server 2003 and then suggest possible solutions that you can try to resolve.



    I also got a domain name and wanted to finally set up a mail host for a small network, but my options were a little limited. I’ve seen it basically boil down to about three possibilities.

    1. I could install On Exchange on an existing Windows server (but that’s not a very smart idea on a good network with less than 40 users).
    2. I could use Red Hat Linux (but this would require a lot more servers).
    3. I could buy third party SMTP / POP3 server software (but it will cost a lot more).

    That being said, I would like Microsoft to provide POP3 (and / or IMAP) email as the back end of the main operating system – they already have a great SMTP service built into Windows 4000, which can be said again, exchange the product will conflict. But why not offer a very basic POP3 mail server without the added benefits of contacts, calendar sharing, support services, and more that the exchange offers? This would be a huge benefit for small businesses and allow many of them to migrate to Linux and others fromthird-party solutions.

    When I downloaded the Windows Server 2003 Transcription (WS2K3) beta, my wish came true when I discovered that it now contains a simple POP3 site. It was the first thing I installed, and I was pleasantly impressed by its simplicity and usability. I did a thorough review and it worked. So, I am using this tutorial together to set it up and get it working.

    Install Windows 2003 Hosting Server first. I downloaded the beta software and burned it to a CD and then installed it on the server I wanted. The installation was very similar to Windows 2000. From now the WS2K3 series is officially shipped, you can follow these steps with the full version of the products. The process is the same.

    After the installation is complete and the server is functioning normally, open the Control Panel, select the Add / Remove Programs applet and click Add / Remove Windows Components. One of the newer alternatives available is email (see Figure A). Also check this box, then click Next. This launches, and in no time the messaging component connects It remains and can be customized.

    Take a look at the POP3 service
    Once the component is found to be installed, go to Start | for program configuration | Management Tools | POP3 service. POP3 services run as a snap-in in the MMC. As with any MMC console, the window is undoubtedly divided into two areas. The Next area contains the configurable features, the current area, and the right area displays the settings and layout options.

    The first thing you need to successfully deploy is the POP3 service host at the top of the left pane, which will show you the name of the remote computer on which you configured the POP3 service. At this point, you can either add a domain or someone can set up the current server at home. Server properties basically show which port is used for routing e-mail; by default, of course, one hundred and ten is displayed, and so you also see your default location for mailboxes.

    Right click on the server, then click on New, then click on Domain, which will open a large window asking and This is the domain name that people will use for your email that you want to use the services for. Once you define the type and click OK, the website name appears in the specific right control panel and even appears in the left edit panel under the server name in the role shown in Figure B.

    setup email in windows server 2003

    Create Mailboxes
    Now that you have a mailbox-optimized domain, right-click that naming domain, usually in the left control window, then click New, then Mailbox. Open a window in which you can specify your mailbox, this is the name, this is the e-mail address.

    In one case, my mailbox name was “eli” and that username was immediately added to @ You can also move this person to the Windows window simply by clicking the checkbox that says “Create a linked user for this mailbox,” as shown in Figure C. Then enter the password and click OK.

    setup email in windows server 2003

    DNS MX Record
    Before anyone can start sending and receiving email on the Internet, you must firstConfigure DNS policies and your domain information appropriately so that they know the path and where emails should be forwarded. To do this, change the DNS MX (Mail Exchanger) record. Usually, if you manage your own DNS server, you and your family can make this change on your own DNS server. However, if you are typically a small business, your ISP or web hosting company will most likely manage the DNS records that are required for your website.

    You need to go to the appropriate section and ask the children to change the MX record. You need to provide it with a public IP address and an actual FQDN (for example,

    What about SMTP?
    Here’s the cutest part of this whole business. SMTP, which is usually the service that takes you back to sending email, will automatically change the name of your site when you add it to POP3 services. To check this, perhaps click Start on | Programs | Management Tools | Internet Information Services (IIS Manager) and explore the nodes until you come to the default SMTP virtual server. Expandit and click Domains to see a list of all the domains you have configured in the right control panel.

    Client Configuration
    Configure a post office program (such as Outlook Express) with the information required to access this server. The SMTP name server and the POP3 name server are the same: the fully qualified domain name of the web server that you configured in the MX record. The username can be the name of the mailbox (for example, [email protected]) and therefore the password that your family gave to the mailbox when it was created. You can now send and receive emails with your own domain recognition through your own server.

    And finally, the mail server. I was able to update my mail server without any inconvenience and easily configure it to host multiple domain names. Now I no longer need to install Linux directly on another computer or buy mail server software for pieces of information to be transferred to Windows. For small businesses looking to use their basic mail servers, I definitely recommend Windows Server 2003.

    Figure A

    Figure B

    Figure C


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  • 1. Download Fortect
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