Suggestions On How To Fix Wii Error 52221


If you receive Wii error code 52221, this guide is here to help.


  • 1. Download Fortect
  • 2. Follow the on-screen instructions to run a scan
  • 3. Restart your computer and wait for it to finish running the scan, then follow the on-screen instructions again to remove any viruses found by scanning your computer with Fortect
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    wii 52221 error

    Wii Error Code: 32002
    Short Description: Bad connection due to WiFi router channel or Nintendo server.
    Wii Error Code: 32003
    Short Description: There is not enough space on the central store. Erase some of the memory or use a memory card.
    Wii Error Code: 32004 – Summary: Connection failed due to high traffic or incompatible connection.
    Wii error code group: 50420, 50421, 50422
    Overview: Wii Your network adapter did not install correctly right away.
    Wii Error Code Group: 51020, 51021, 51022
    Summary: Special troubleshooting required.
    Wii Error Code: 51030
    Description: The only system wireless network within range of the Wii Your game system is not configured or is no longer compatible with the Wii.
    Wii Error Code Group: 51031, 51032
    Brief Description: The only wireless network system within the network range of your Wii console is not configured or not fully compatible with the Wii.
    Wii Code Error Group: 51040, 51041, 51042
    Short Description: Troubleshooting is required for the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB port.
    Wii error code: 51130
    Summarizing above Solution: check the settingsand broadcast some routers to see if they are set to “G”, “B” or “Mixed”. Mixed mode usually works better, but try all three and see if it improves the Wii connection between Meet and your Wii console. Point.
    Wii Error Code Group: 51340, 51341, 51342
    Overview: The Wii console cannot help you connect to the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB port.
    Wii Error Code 51420, Band: 51421, 51422 Description. The Wii console is not designed to connect to a wired Wi-Fi router or modem.
    Wii error code group: 52020, 52022
    Overview: 52021, you may have problems connecting to your router or modem.
    Wii Error Codes: 52030, 52031, 52032
    Short Description: Can be entered using the wrong router channel using the WEP key. It may be helpful to simply turn off and then turn on the router.
    Wii Error Code Group: 52040, 52042
    Summary: 52041, The Wii console doesn’t connect very well to the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB port. Wii Error Code Group: 52120, 52121, 52122
    Description: Power off / on your router / modem.
    Wii Error Codes Group: 52130, 52131, 52132
    Summary: There seems to be a problem When using a wireless router firewall.
    Wii Error Code Group: 52140, 52141, 52142
    Overview: The Wii console cannot connect to the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB port.
    Wii Error Code Group: 52220, 52221, 52222
    Description: Looks like a problem with your router’s firewall.
    Wii Error Code 52230, Group: 52231, 52232
    Description: Your firewall is interfering with the Wii.
    Wii error code 52240, Group: 52241, 52242
    Summary: This error code usually means that d Precise Wii console was able to select the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB connector, but cannot connect to the corresponding service.
    Wii error code group: 52420, 52422, 52421, 52430, 52431, 52432, 52440, 52441, 52442 Summary. The Wii console is currently unable to connect to its proxy server.
    Wii Error Code Group: 52521, 52520, 52522, 52530, 52531, 52532
    Summary: The Wii Console cannot connect to your proxy server simply because the account settings are incorrect (eg username and password) …
    Wii Error Code Group: 52540, 52541, 52542
    Summary: The Wii console cannot connect to the proxy server because key account settings (such as username and password) are incorrect.


    role = “alert”>

    • Guest or public networks that require you to comply with or agree to the Terms of Service are not compatible with the Wii.
    • If you are using a network Internet connection in a good hostel, hotel, or similar establishment, ask your network administrator for help connecting your own Wii to the Internet.
    • This code error indicates that the Wii console was able to connect to the network, but was unable to connect to the Nintendo servers.
    • This indicates that there may be a problem trying to connect to the network and the Internet, or that the connection has timed out.
    • K

    What To Do

    1. Before proceeding, make sure your internet connection is working and other devices can access the internet at all times.
    2. Turn off and then turn on your corporate router and modem, then check your Internet connection again on the Wii console.
    3. Create new internet connection information to make sure the Wii console is trying toconnect normally to Treats wireless network and is indeed receiving a strong wireless signal.
      • If you have not already done so, also check your router’s Wi-Fi password to make sure you are entering the correct password in the Wii console’s Internet settings.
      • If you find that you are actually connecting to a “guest network” on your hub, this will be indicated (usually with “-guest” at the end of the network name, or perhaps an alias for your ISP [eg “xfinitywifi” ]) instead, try connecting to all uninvited versions on the network. For example, if you see both Mario and Guest Mario when the Wii looks for wireless status, try connecting to Mario.
    4. If the problem persists, enter a different DNS server in Internet settings on the Wii console and try again.
    5. Check for radio interference that may cause a weak audio signal between the Wii console and the Wi-Fi router, preventing the Wii controller or console from connecting.
    6. Can’t login

    7. ? Manually enter the IP information of the home network in the setting of InInternet connection on the Wii console, then try again.

    Situation Resolved

    wii 52221 error

    If the problem persists, please contact us for assistance.

    wii 52221 error



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