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    Welcome to 30 Linux Kernel Developers in 30 Weeks! This is the first in a suitable 30-week series of articles featuring an excellent Linux kernel developer contributing from time to time. The Linux kernel community is simply unique in many ways. Most of the members of this community are possibly responsible for organizing the world’s largest collaborative capacity development project and have a very, very big influence on how the operating system and other technologies work. The profiles we publish by the end of 2012 are intended to help illustrate how these developers get their jobs done and provide substantial insight into how we work with them and the crowd that drives them>

    We are making a collection together with Linux choreographer Linus Torvalds. Linus travels frequently to his home country in Finland this week to attend the Millennium Technology Award. They got their name this week as co-winner of the Millennium Technology Prize 2012. Not long before the man left, he took the time to answerь on these profile questions.

    What role does someone play in the online community and / or what subsystems are you working on?


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  • I am a top-level kernel maintainer who is not inclined to directly manipulate any particular type of subsystem; although sometimes I only deal with the VFS layer (and very rarely with multiple VM threads).

    What role do you live in the world? Why there?

    Portland, Oregon. To help you with the “Why?” The weather may not be that good, but I think this is a much better kingdom for children. We can easily afford a big house in the best school district.

    What are your popular software productivity tools? What is the increase? Are you running across their table?

    I actually only use one web mobile phone (for email and a waste of time) and then multiple terminals where I use git. I spend most of my time reading (and responding to) emails, collecting trees, and studying the nature of the results.

    Other infoThe tool I use is the perf tool to make sure you are profiling the bulk that matters to me (often kernel builds and some Git workloads).

    Hello. Not being smart enough to know that writing the operating system you purchased is a ridiculous amount of work.

    I still love crafts, take a moment and the technical side. The fact that I can call people by their first names is really incredibly social – it’s just a work bonus.

    30 linux kernel developers in 30 weeks

    What have you ever found amused about collaborative development being successful (flaming war, stupid code submission, brilliant performance)?

    I think my favorite thing is to come back when someone does something crazy to practice Linux. Things that don’t make sense or make no sense, but are impressive, are typical from a technical point of view (and even more impressive because of “Did you work for many months to make * this *?”).

    Like Alan when Cox was working on porting Linux to 8086. Or the woman who built her own computer at home with an 8-bit microcontroller, A friend of mine hooked up to RAM and SD card and then wrote a nice ARM emulator for it and ran Linux (very, very slowly) on that card.

    30 linux kernel developers in 30 weeks

    Start small. It doesn’t even eat to be Linux – with your many open source projects, the idea needs some help and you really want to know how to get involved. And once you * figure out * which user-mode programmers are idiots and want you to get into the kernel channel, don’t try to revolutionize the kernel code – really try a little rage to worry about fixing that one thing. Maybe another driver isn’t working as well as it should for hardware you have access to and the like.

    Practicing on ropes takes time and it really helps when people see what you’ve been doing other things before you start submitting more complex fixes.

    But the most important thing is “positive taste”. It is difficult to describe, but, unfortunately, I am looking for it personally. People who do “RightWay ™” things – and I don’t have I mean that you should really follow all the rules that we have established over the years (although you should too) – but I’m talking about my place where the elusive quality of writing code, where it is obvious that it makes sense and that everything is correct, without a lot very special cases or complexities, but also without the need to be unnecessarily abstract and general. “Do one thing and fix this situation.”

    Oh, I want my office to be completely quiet. I listen to my favorite music when I drive children, etc. but when I work, I don’t want to hear anything; no music, no sound from those fans in my computers. Just silence.

    30 linux kernel developers in 30 weeks

    What mailing list or IRC channel will people who meet with you find? What conferences were found?

    I don’t do IRC or other real-time interactive stuff – I do everything via email. I stick with the general kernel and git mailing lists, but also those I have in auto-archive mode, so I only see streams when I explicitly look for them, or when I cc … ™ d or pointed to them.

    To help you with conferences, this is usually C Mmit the Linux kernel. Of course, I try to go to LinuxConf Australia most often – I like this conference, and in Australia it is mostly in the summer. But it’s lca “if it works” something like that, so it’s probably only every year and every two years or so.

    There are obviously other conferences that I go to directly, usually because they are over a large area and when I can resume some of my current dives on the same trip

    Thanks Linus! Talk to Thomas Gleixner about the next schedule.



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