Troubleshooting Steps Cannot Be Installed In A Directory That Does Not End With / Usr / Local / Lib


If you are unable to install to a directory on your computer that does not end with / usr / local / lib, then hopefully this guide should help you.


  • 1. Download Fortect
  • 2. Follow the on-screen instructions to run a scan
  • 3. Restart your computer and wait for it to finish running the scan, then follow the on-screen instructions again to remove any viruses found by scanning your computer with Fortect
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    cannot install to a directory not ending in /usr/local/lib

    I also ran into this problem while compiling MonetDB on my Linux machine. Here’s what this solution / workaround worked for me: always clear after ./configure .

      ./configure --prefix = / root / build Do && clean Do && Do && install 

    I found a solution in their discussion of Apache httpd annoyance where Joe Orton shared his insight:

    After running configure again, you may need to run make clean.

    I amHowever,

    previously returned results with rm -rf ./x52pro-linux that matched the .git root directory.

    I’ll say it again and see what happens. Gentoo does not use / usr / local, unless the packages are just binary, or perhaps proprietary, and I don’t nest in / usr / local either. I usually see the type because the manufacturer’s custom settings are still stored in the main repository. Also point out that I did not install the package to my root / usr, possibly / usr / local, and that I specified a local folder and $ HOME folder to install the developed targets.

    cannot install to a directory not ending in /usr/local/lib

    I did this as recommended, in addition to this The warnings I see. (I don’t see any more errors.)

    libtool: Warning: link “”
    libtool: Warning: don’t forget to run libtool –finish /home/roger/src/x52pro-linux/x52pro-linux/x52pro-linux-0.1.0/_inst/lib »
    libtool: Warning: ‘../libx52/’ not implemented in ‘/home/roger/src/x52pro-linux/x52pro-linux/x52pro-linux-0.1.0/_inst/lib’
    libtool: Warning: ‘../libx52/’ was safely installed to ‘/home/roger/src/x52pro-linux/x52pro-linux/x52pro-linux-0.1.0/_inst/lib’
    libtool: warning: link “”
    libtool: Warning: don’t forget to run libtool –finish /home/roger/src/x52pro-linux/x52pro-linux/x52pro-linux-0.1.0/_inst/lib

    Now I can also see that every x52cli has been moved to the cli / cause folder! Since there were so many changes, I bought “make clean” which deleted objects in subfolders, but first I got all the “rm -rf” s. Thank goodness for the color of GCC I, you can now see the warnings and these errors in the death story much easier now. Again, just warnings and not sure if that bothers you. In fact, they seem to be just “notes” and, as you ask me, “memories.”

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