The Easiest Way To Fix Dell Not Found


In some cases, your system may display an error code indicating that Dell cannot be found. There can be several reasons for this problem.


  • 1. Download ASR Pro
  • 2. Follow the on-screen instructions to run a scan
  • 3. Restart your computer and wait for it to finish running the scan, then follow the on-screen instructions again to remove any viruses found by scanning your computer with ASR Pro
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    My Dell Inspiron 1564 with Windows 7, which yesterday the experts reported a “Control system not found” error.

    I tried to get all the suggestions I found through google search and forums, but nothing helped. (System repair, reformation, DOS diagnostics, etc.)

    I reinstalled the DVD, other drivers, and the utility bill CD, but none of them helped. If you try to reboot this option, it will probably not be available for Windows 7. When I try to reinstall it, it boasts no hard drive. When I try to reinstall the hard drive access driver, it tells me that the CD cannot be used.

    Dell Notification Almost Not Detected

    How do I fix my Dell operating system not found?

    Method 1: Check the operating system hard drive cables.Method 2. Check and adjust BIOS settings.Method 3. Recover MBR with or without Windows installation CD.Method 4: Determine the section that supports the active workflow.

    “I don’t have a Dell laptop with Windows 10. It worked great this morning. Then I went out and started my computer, and when you came back, I got a Dell Alert hard drive that didn’t have any messages like the following:

    No bootable device – press F1 on reboot, F2 to configure the utility

    “No bootable device – press F1 to repeat the boot process, F2 for the configuration utility

    No Reasons For The Complex Execution Were Found

    In fact, the “hard drive not recognized” problem occurs not only in Dell, but also in HP, Kingston, Samsung, etc.There is a message stating that the hard disk is not recognized, the boot device was not found, the sneaker partition was not found, the operating system is missing, a serious hard disk error, etc. There are resources for which the computer cannot return to the default hard disk during loading time.

    There are several purposes for which your Dell will not report incredible hard drives or no operating errors on startup:

    • Incorrect BIOS setting;

    • Loose cable;

    • Hard acceleration register corrupted;

    • Bad Windows installation;

    • dell not found

      Boot category virus;

    • Bad hard drive.

    How Can Dell Fail To Recognize A Complex Disk?

    If Dell does not detect your hard drive at this point, we recommend that you resolve the issue. There are several ways to determine this.

    Path 1. Press F1

    If Dell says the hard drive was not found, press F1 to continue. This is the last BIOS error message. And you definitely need to press F1 to continue. Since the F1 request is an emergency procedure,which can work around many errors, pressing F1 can boot the computer directly into Windows.

    Channel 2. Fix Incorrect BIOS Settings

    The BIOS performs important boot and configuration processes on your current computer and prepares it for operating system installation. Hard drives can usually be connected to a SATA or IDE port. If the port to which the hard drive is connected is explicitly disabled, the hard drive will not be recognized by the computer and someone will receive a “Hard drive not found” message. Therefore, if you are having problems with the setup, you need to go to the BIOS setup.

    Another question to compensate for your attention is that a direct message on Windows should appear at the top of the list. If the concept is not listed first, owners can create a BIOS for the computer and change the priority of the boot technology.

    Channel 3. Check Fixed Cable

    dell not found

    Dell drive cannot find the hard drive even if the computer is not physically involved in the hard drive. So people can check the cable TV hard drive to make sure thatit has a new loose cable connection or the SATA cable and the power cord are frayed. In this case, you can reconnect cables to almost all hard drives and motherboard, or replace the cable with a new one.

    Channel 4. Perform Permanent Reset

    Resetting the hard drive or left drive will erase all information from the computer’s workstation memory and possibly restore functionality. Resetting the computer will cause the system to permanently erase and restore the software relationship between the BIOS and computers. To make a solid discount for customers, follow these steps:

    • 1. Turn off your computer. Remove the laptop from each port replicator and docking station.

    • 2. Disconnect all external devices from the computer, disconnect the AC adapter from the computer.

    • 3. Disconnect power from the battery compartment.

    • dell not found

      4. Press and hold the power button for about 15 seconds to drain the residual electrical charge from the memory-protecting capacitors.

    • 5. Install the battery p and reconnect the AC adapter to the computer. Sorry, do not connect any additional devices such as USB drives, external displays, printers, etc.

    • 6. Contact your computer. A When the Startup window opens, use the arrow keys to select Windows Normal Startup and press Enter.

    Track Five. Hard Disk Test

    If the above options do not solve your problem, your entire family will need to check to see if the hard drive is physically damaged.

    Remove the hard drive from your computer and connect it to another computer to see if it works. If not, consider replacing your hard drive with a new one. If so, you can test your hard drive to see if there are bad sectors in this situation. To do this, we strongly recommend that you use the third party software AOMEI Partition Assistant, which can easily check your hard drive. It can work on Windows 11/10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / XP / Vista.

    Step 7. Connect your Dell hard drive to your Windows PC.

    Step 2. Download for free,install and do not run AOMEI Partition Assistant. You can see your hard drives in basic interaction. To test a hard drive, select your organization’s hard drive here, right-click it and select Surface Test.

    Step 3. Then enable the “Quick Check” option, click “Start” and the hard drive will be tested immediately.

    If the disk also has an error, you can use AOMEI Partition Assistant to fix the errors in a few simple steps.

    Channel 6 Windows Recovery Installation

    A bad installation window can cause errors and prevent Windows from booting. This means the Dell Alarm Hard Drive cannot be detected at boot time only. If during the last update or restore Computer Bloged that the hard drive is working, the function may not have been interrupted. You can then repair or update the installation to fix the problem. If this task does not work, it is possible that there is an infected computer on the disk with a boot sector that needs to be restored in the form process hard disk storage.


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  • 1. Download ASR Pro
  • 2. Follow the on-screen instructions to run a scan
  • 3. Restart your computer and wait for it to finish running the scan, then follow the on-screen instructions again to remove any viruses found by scanning your computer with ASR Pro

  • This is required to repair a hard drive not recognized by Dell. Hope this article helps you.



    Speed up your PC today with this easy-to-use download.

    How do I fix operating system not found?

    Check BIOS.Reboot BIOS.Restore startup records. Microsoft Windows primarily relies on three sets of data to start your computer.Also check the Disable UEFI Secure Boot box.Activate the Windows partition.Use Easy Recovery Essentials.

    How do I fix Windows 10 operating system not found?

    At the highest level, start the computer that has the “Operating system not found” error, then insert it into the DVD / USB.Then press any key to drink from the external drive.When Windows Setup Trade appears, set the keyboard, language and other required parameters and click “Next”.Then select “Repair Personal Computer”.




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